One: choose the right fonts The fonts you choose should embody the spirit of your brand. For organisations that work with children choose fun, playful fonts like Baloo or Indie Flower for headings and pair with Montserrat or Raleway for body text.

Carefully-thought-out, well-designed marketing collateral can make all the difference to businesses large and small. The next time you are planning for a project, consider these reasons why your business should value professional graphic design.  

Customer experience is defined by interactions between a business and its customer throughout their relationship. It goes beyond just customer service. A customer experience should include the whole journey – the awareness, the interactions, the brand, the environment, the product and the service.

Typefaces could be the most important decision you make when designing. Not only do fonts add style to your design but they communicate the whole idea or message behind your design. It's important to choose the right typeface – one that's readable, stylish and appropriate. Here's some tips to help you choose the right one.

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